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Stream technology ® Package (Modular Units : 5 – 50 m3/hr)

Stream technology ® Package (Modular Units : 5 – 50 m3/hr) - StreamTechnology

Based on the evaporation process of the fed saline water, the evaporation takes place on the tubes external surface while the motive fluid transfers its energy flowing on the tube internal side. As motive fluid, low pressure steam or hot water, both at temperature of about 85-90°C, can be used.

The unit is equipped with a dedicated PLC that assures a fully automatically functioning of the package. On the dedicated control panel, the operator can easily control and have full access to all process parameter. If required, all signals can be sent to a remote control station.

As concern the size, the product can be placed in the range of small/medium plants, in any case is  completely manufactured  in the workshop reducing the field activity.

Our product find its strategic market mainly:

•   civil sector for potable water production for small communities or resort up to 10,000 inhabitants

•   industrial sector for the production of process water / makeup water (in order to provide an example of order of magnitude, the new product is able to furnish
    makeup water for a medium size power station).

Additional information available : write to info@streamtechnology.it

Stream Package Stream Package [19.600 Kb]


S.T.R.E.A.M. PROJECT - StreamTechnology

Launched at the beginning of 2017, the project involves an integrated development team of more than 10 multi-specialist design engineers, including a collaboration with the Department of Industrial Engineering of the University of L’Aquila and the use of the facilities of the Parco Scientifico e Tecnologico d’Abruzzo.

Industrialization of STREAMTECHNOLOGY ®  involves scaling with sizes of 10 to 50 m3/h of clean water "produced" with a design optimization that allows a complete prefabrication in the workshop and a transportability on the roads, minimizing installation activities at the destination site.

The initial target market is that of the countries of North Africa, the Middle East and South-East America, which is why Quality Engineering has expanded its presence abroad through an adequate commercial network of agents and the signing of collaboration agreements with multinationals in the sector, although the supply of water is a very popular issue in every country today as a result of the known problems related to increasingly prolonged droughts.

Pilot Plant Milestones:

  • Construction Phase completed in June 2019
  • Experimental phase under working (expected completion in FEBRUARY 2020)

For additional details refer to:

ZLD Stream PAckage for Fertilizer.

Quality Engineering S.r.l. in collaboration with SIMIC S.p.A through its brand “Stream technology” is able to provide the following Services and Products for the Fertilizer Plant (Ammonia, Urea, Granulation, Utilites & off-Sites):

-Feasibility Study, Conceptual Design Package and CAPEX,OPEX Analisys for application of ZLD Design philosophy to existing Fertilizer Complex or new plant.
-Waste Water , Process and Service Waters overall design  management (improvement and/or retrofit) with the “circular economy approach”.
-FEED Design Package and Detailed Engineering Package for ZLD project in the Fertilizer Plant.
-Supply of Pre-assembled skid mounted packages and Start-Up Services for ZLD Project in the Fertilizer Plant.
ZLD Stream PAckage for Fertilizer. - StreamTechnology

ZLD Design Philosophy to FERTILIZER PLANT

STREAM Technology Package consists in a water evaporation by multi effect distillation system capable to produce Distillate water for reuse in industrial field and Rejected water (Brine).

Pretreatment Packages will be customized for the features  of the plant water streams (i.e. Reversis Osmosis, Deoiling, Filtration and Chemical Dosing Packages).

The ZLD design philosophy applied to the Fertilizer Complex could be summarized in the following main treatment streams:

•Process and steam condensate recycled to demineralized/polishing water system
•Boiler blowdown divided into two streams:
üone stream will send to Cooling Tower basin.
üone stream will send to Pretreatment Package and STREAM technology package.
•Cooling Tower purge could be treated through a Pretreatment Packages to recover directly  part as Demi Water that will be re-used in the plant.
•Effluent from the Pretreatment Packages will be flow into a STREAM Technology Package. The recovered distillate water will be also used as CW make-up , Demi Water and for potable and fire water;  the brine produced will be sent to an evaporation pond.
•The storm water will be sent before into Pretreatment Packages and after into a STREAM Technology Package in order to recovery distillate water to reuse in the system.

The high TDS and the low-solubility of scaling salts, content in the brine, limit the percentage of water that can be recovered in a conventional desalination system. Moreover, the waste energy availability on the site provides the opportunity to use Thermal Desalination Process. In this way also the environmental problems associated with the high salinity brine discharge are minimized.

The use of this technology with total recovery process can be developed reducing to zero the waste streams, as “Zero Liquid Discharge” system (ZLD).

ZLD Design Philosophy to FERTILIZER PLANT - StreamTechnology